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Basic Structure of HTML Document

Basic Structure of HTML Document  The basic structure of an HTML document is given below:<HTML>        <HEAD>                </HEAD>                <BODY>              </BODY></HTML>The above format shows that an HTML document startswith <HTML> tag and ends with </HTML> tag. It is also clearthat an HTML document consists of two main sections:  Head Section Head section is used to specify… Read More »

How To Create a Web Page In HTML

If you want to create a web page using HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language, you will need the following two software: Text Editor: It is used to write HTML tags according to the requirements of the web page. Windows Notepad is a suitable candidate for this purpose. You have to save the HTML document… Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology Mesh Topology In a mesh topology, every device on the network is physically connected to every other device on the network. Therefore, data can be sent on several possible paths from source computer to destination computer. Mesh topology is more reliable with better performance. Mesh Network Topology is… Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tree Topology

Tree Topology Actually, a Tree topology is the combination of two topologies: bus topology  and star topology. A tree topology combines the characteristics of bus and star topologies. It consists of groups of computer connected as star topology. These groups are then connected to a central communication medium (bus cable). Advantages and Disadvantages of Tree… Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Network Topology

Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Network Topology alongwith detailed working of Ring topology What Do You Mean by Ring Topology? In Ring topology, each computer is connected to the next computer such that last computer is connected to the first. Every computer is connected to next computer in the ring. Each computer retransmits what it… Read More »

Explain Star Network Topology With Advantages and Disadvantages

Topic: Explain the Working Star Network Topology With Advantages and Disadvantages Star Topology Star Topology is the most popular and widely used network topology in local area networks. In star topology, all computers are connected with a central device known as HUB or Switch. Now-a-days Hubs are often replaced by Fast Network Switches. The working… Read More »

Bus Topology Advantages Disadvantages

Bus Topology Bus topology is the simplest network topology. In bus topology, all computers in network are connected to a common communication wire. This wire is called BUS. Terminators are used at both ends of wire.Bus Topology is Cheap, easy to handle and implement. Bus Topology require less cable. Bus Topology is best suited for… Read More »

Types Of Network Topology

Today, we will types of network topology. What is a Network Topology? Definition of Network topology is the shape of the network. It is the physical layout of connected devices in a network. It tells us how a network will look like.Network Topology ( Definition 2): The way in which the connections are made among… Read More »