What are Different Types of Computer

By | February 11, 2011

Computers can be divided into the following 3 types on the basis of their working mechanism:

1) Analog Computers

2) Digital Computers

3) Hybrid Computers

1. Analog Computers

Analog computer is used to measure continuous values. It measures a physical property like voltage, pressure, speed, time and temperature. An analog computer takes input in analog form and gives output in analog form.
Its output is usually displayed on a meter or scale. Analog computer has low memory and fewer functions. Analog computer is mainly used in the field of engineering and medicine. Examples include:

Examples of Analog Computers include:

analog computer examples thermo meter

examples of analog computer speedo meter
 1. Thermometer
2. Speedometer
3. Analog clock

2. Digital Computers

A digital computer works with digital data. Digital computer uses binary number system. Binary number system consists of only two digits 0 and 1. A digital computer represents data in digital signals. A 0 represents OFF and a 1 represents ON. Digital computer performs arithmetic and logical operations on data. It gives output in digital form.
Digital computers are very fast. These computers can store results. They have large Memory(that is data storing capacity). Today most of the computers used in offices and homes are Digital computers.

examples of digital computer personal computer

1. Personal Computer-(also called PC or Micro Computer)
2. Digital Score board
3. Digital watch

3. Hybrid Computers

A hybrid computer is a combination of both analog and digital computer. Hybrid ccomputer can handle both analog and digital data. A hybrid computer combines the best characteristics of both the analog and digital computer. It can accept data in both analog and digital form.

1. Hybrid computer devices are used in hospitals that may calculate patient’s heart function, temperature and blood pressure etc. This calculation may be converted into numbers and shown in digital form. For example,

The Vital Signs Monitoring unit

also called VSM in short. It has Blood Pressure monitor, ECG monitor, respiratory monitor, and is also used for monitoring anesthesia.
2. Hybrid computers are also used in spaceships and missile system.
3. Hybrid Computer Machines are generally used in scientific applications
4. Hybrid computers are used for controlling industrial processes.
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