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Explain Different Types Of Output Devices

Output devices Out put devices are used to display results of processing to the user. They perform the following functions:  Receive results from memory  Convert data into human readable form  Display results to the user Examples include: Monitor, printer, plotter, speaker, and multimedia projector. Different Types of Output Devices 1.    Monitor LCD Monitor CTR Monitor… Read More »

What are Different Types of Input Devices With Examples

Topic: Different types of input devices of a computer system with examples, pictures and explanation:  Topics Covered are: Definition of Input Devices Functions of Input Devices ( How input devices work? ) Examples of Input Devices Pictures / Images of different input devices Different Examples of Input Devices With Description Keybboard Mouse Trach Ball Trackpad… Read More »

What are Different Types of Computer Hardware

What is Hardware?The physical parts of a computer are called hardware. Hardware can be touched or seen by us. For example, hard disk, mouse, keyboard, CD, CD-ROM Drive, Floppy Disk, Speakers, Modem and Printers – all are computer hardware. Explain different types of computer hardware Different types of hardware components on the basis of the… Read More »

Differentiate between Analog and Digital Computers

The differences between analog and digital computers are as follows: Analog Computers Digital Computers 1 Analog Computers Work on continuous values. Digital computers Work on discrete values. 2 Analog Computers have low memory. Digital computers have a very large memory 3 Analog computers have Slow speed. Digital computers have fast speed. 4 Analog computers are… Read More »

Uses Of Computer In Industry

Computers are used in industry in different types of systems. Computer-Controlled Robots are Used in Industry Computer-controlled robots are used to perform many complicated jobs in industry. Robots are computer controlled programmable machines. They can perform mechanical jobs, too, like pick and place different parts, welding or painting cars etc. Different Uses of Computers in… Read More »

Uses Of Computer in Medical Field

Today Computers are an essential part of an hospital. Doctors and administration staff uses computers to manage patient history and medicine stocks etc. Computers play a key role in the medical field.  Their uses include storing patient related data, housing knowledge bases, providing the logic and circuitry for medical equipment, scanning and imaging the body,… Read More »

Uses Of Computer In Education Field

Computer can be used in education in the following ways:  Computers In Teaching and Learning Process ( Computer Aided Learning – CAL ) Computers are being used actively in educational institutes to improve the learning process. Teachers can use audio video aids through computer to prepare lesson plans. They can use Microsoft Power Point to… Read More »

Explain Different Uses Of Computer in Business Organizations

Now-a-days, computers are the essential part of any business organization. Computers are used in business companies for performing different tasks like Record Maintaining, Stock management, Pay Roll Systems, Business Correspondence and Business Communication etc,  Computer can be used in business in the following ways: Explain Different Uses of Computers in Business Organizations Employee Record Keeping… Read More »