Uses Of Computer In Education Field

By | July 7, 2011
Computer can be used in education in the following ways:

  •  Computers In Teaching and Learning Process ( Computer Aided Learning – CAL )

Computers are being used actively in educational institutes to improve the learning process. Teachers can use audio video aids through computer to prepare lesson plans. They can use Microsoft Power Point to prepare electronic presentations about their lectures. These electronic presentations will be displayed on multimedia projectors in class rooms. This will be interesting and easy to learn for students. Multimedia presentations are easy to deliver for teachers too, These presentations save a lot of effort and time. Moreover multimedia presentations are interesting to view and hear sound and visual  effects. Computers will be helpful for:

  1.   Instructing the students using PowerPoint slides, Word documents or Web pages and using hyperlinks for better concept clarity.

     2.  Helps in improving pronunciation of students by using microphones, headphones, speakers, specially prepared software and special dedicated websites.

     3. Encouraging the students to use internet, surf web pages and gather relevant detailed information  through search engines. Students will gain a lot of information and knowledge by positive use of internet.

  •  CBT (Computer-Based Training)

CBT stands for Computer Based Training. In CBT, we prepare different educational programs with the help of professional teachers and audio visual aids. These educational programs are generally in the shape of lectures on a specific subject. These programs are provided on CDs. Students will learn as and when they wish and at their own homes. They can view CD contents, view lecture notes, books or video lectures about their course work any time they need.


  •  Online Education   

Many web sites provide online education. You can read or download educational material and books. For example, Virtual University of Pakistan is an Online Educational Institution. Students use internet to access VU website. The students log in to their accounts and e-mail boxes. They interact with different teachers online. They receive and submit their assignments and work through internet to their teachers. Email systems or online chat systems are used for instant communication between students and teachers.

  •  Research

Computers are also used for research work. Internet is a huge source of information on any topic. Students of any level can use internet to access useful information about their projects and research work. Moreover different researchers can share their research work with other researchers using computers and Internet. Researchers use computers to organize and store their research materials in computers.

  • Distance Learning

In Distance Learning, the students do not need to come to institutes daily.  The Distance Learning institue will provide the students with study materials and the students attend the virtual class room. The teachers provide video lectures to their students. The students may ask questions to their teachers using network communications and e-mail etc.
  • Institute Administration

Computers are being used to perform many tasks in educational institutions, easily and quickly:
          o Keeping Records of students (admission records, attendance and leave records, fee       collection,    examination records of students)
          o Storing Records of employees( payroll, attendance, assignments, project) of school / college
          o Managing Accounts of the institution
          o Fees collection and maintenance of fees record.
          o Circulation of instruction/notices and getting it in printed form
          o Preparation of school/ college magazine, etc. with the help of Microsoft Word, a popular word processing software.

Advantages of Using Computers in Education Field

Uses and Advantages of Computers in Education Field
Uses and Advantages of Computers in Education Field
  •  Faster data processing, speed is the main characteristics of a computer.
  •  Huge and organized Storage of information, Vast storage is another main characteristic of a computer. Students and teachers can download and store large amounts of educational materials, books, presentations, lecture notes, question papers in computers.
  •  Computers can ensure Accuracy of teaching text materials, as many word processing application software provide Spelling and Grammar Checking Tools
  •  Audio-visual aids in teaching process for effective learning
  •  Attractive and Better presentation of information through applications software like Microsoft Power Point to develop brilliant presentations for lectures
  •  One of the main uses of computers in education is ‘the Access to the Internet’ for information search about any topic.
  •  Another advantage of using computers in education field is Quicker communication between students, teachers and parents that improves quality of teaching and learning process. Parents can know the progress of their children through computers and internet, by browsing the website of the educational institute. They can check different examination results, attendance reports, curricular and co-curricular activities of their children. 

Negative Impacts of Computer on Student’s Education

Harmful Contents

Students must use computers and internet under parental control. If not supervised by parents or teachers, they may be exposed to harmful content from the Internet.

Wastage of Time

They may wste their time by using computers for:

playing video games,
playing online multi user games
watching movies
using Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites
internet surfing


At worst, some hackers can easily hack computers especially  if someone accesses malicious content.

 Impacts on Physical and Mental Health

In addition, excessive use of  computers and internet can seriously affect their physical and mental health.


It increases the laziness of a person.

Affecting Ability of Thinking and Creativity

Since  a student or any individual can search everything so easily on internet through search engines like google; thiis may destroy the power of creativity skills and the ability to think.

Overuse of Social Media Websites

Students may waste a lot of time by creating accounts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.


Moreover they may become a victom of cyberbullying by providing personal information on their profiles of social media websites.

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