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Explain Data Processing Cycle and Main Activities of Data Processing Cycle

After collecting data, it is processed to convert into information. The data is processed again and again until accurate result is achieved. This is called data processing cycle.Data processing cycle involves following three basic activities: Major Activities Involved in Data Processing Cycle Explain Data processing cycle 1. Input2. Processing3. Output 1. INPUT It is the… Read More »

Differences Between Data and Information

Topic: Differences Between Data and Information – 14 Differences Here we are going to discuss the differences between two typical terms of information technology: Data and Information. Data is a collection of raw facts and figures about an entity. Data may consist of numbers, characters, audio, video or pictures etc. When these data is processed according… Read More »

Define Data and Information With Examples

DATA Data is the collection of raw facts and figures. Actually data is unprocessed, that is why data is called collection of raw facts and figures. Define Data and Information with Examples We collect data from different resources. After collection, data is entered into computer for processing. Data may be collection of words, numbers, pictures, … Read More »

Explain Different Types of Software

Topic: Different Types of Software with Examples Types of Software Different Types of Software with Examples There are two main types of software – system software and application software. Let us discuss these types of software in detail with examples of each. System Software System software is a set of programs used to implement certain functions in a computer… Read More »

Different Types of Mouse Input Device

A mouse is a small, lightweight pointing input device. Mouse is moved on a flat surface to control the movement of the pointer on a screen. A mouse usually has two or three buttons. These buttons are used to perform different tasks.Different types of mouse are as follows: Mechanical Mouse Mechanical mouse contains a rubber… Read More »

What are Different Pointing Input Devices

Topic: What are Different Pointing Input Devices A Pointing input device is an input device which is used to control  the movement of the pointer to select items on a display screen. Examples of pointing input devices include: Mouse, Track ball, Joystick, Pointing Stick, Graphic Tablet, Touch pad or Track pad, Touch Screen and Light pen etc.… Read More »

Explain different types of storage devices

Topic: Explain different types of storage devices in Computer systems Storage Devices Storage devices are used to store data and instructions permanently. Storage devices are also called secondary storage devices / backing storage devices / external storage devices or auxiliary storage devices. Examples of storage devices include Hard Disk, CD and DVD etc. Why Secondary Storage… Read More »

Discuss Differences Between RAM and ROM

We have already discussed the topics:1. What is RAM, Explain Different Types of RAM2. What is ROM Explain Different Types of ROMHere we discuss differences between RAM and ROM 13 Differences Between RAM and ROM Thirteen Differences Between RAM and ROM Sr # RAM ROM 1 RAM stands for Random Access Memory ROM stands for… Read More »