Explain Computer Software With Examples

By | August 20, 2011


Software is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. Software is the set of instructions given to computer to perform a task or to control operations of computer. Software cannot be touched. There are two main types of software – Application software and System software. The hardware cannot perform any task without software. Software is installed on hard disk. When we use any software it is loaded into RAM from hard disk.

What is Software Define Explain Software
What is Software?

Examples of software are:

  1. MS Word
  4. WinZip
  5. Norton Anti Virus
  6. MSN Messenger 
  7. and MS Windows etc. 

Microsoft WORD:

What is software - MS Word software
MS Word

This software is used to prepare letters, applications, office documents and all types of documents and books etc.
Microsoft Excel:

What is software - MS Excel software
MS Excel

It is used calculations and preparing electronic worksheets for example creating Employees Pay Sheet or Students Result Sheet.

What is software - power point presentation software

It is used to prepare presentations to be presented on multimedia projectors.

What is software - winzip software

This software is used to store a file as compactly as possible, in the minimum file size possible. WinZip makes easy to take files from one computer to another and stores them in less storage space. When we need to use the zipped file, we have to unzip it or extract it to the original state and size.
Norton Anti Virus:

What is software -anti virus software

This software is used to detect and remove virus attacks on your computer.

MSN Messenger:

What is software - msn messenger

It is used for online chatting with friends all over the world.
MS Windows:  

What is software - system software-Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most popular Operating system in the world. First of all, you have to install an operating system on computer, before it will be ready for work. After installing the operating system like Microsoft Windows, now you can install application software like MS Excel, MS Word or games etc. In short, without an operating system you cannot use a computer.

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