Explain Different Types of Software

By | August 23, 2011
Topic: Different Types of Software with Examples

Types of Software

Different Types of Software with Examples
Different Types of Software with Examples

There are two main types of software – system software and application software. Let us discuss these types of software in detail with examples of each.

System Software

System software is a set of programs used to implement certain functions in a computer system. System software  controls the overall operations and components of a computer system.
We can say that system software is the base on which application programs are executed. System software provides an interface between user and computer. Users use this interface to interact with the computer and perform different jobs on computer. Operating systems like Windows, Linux and Unix are the main example of system software. Similarly device drivers software are also examples of system software.

Examples of system software

Examples of system software are as follows:

•   Operating Systems

Operating system is software to control overall operations and components of a computer system. e.g., Windows, UNIX, Linux and Dos etc.

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•   Utility Programs

Utility program is used to solve a particular problem of software or hardware, for example, Antivirus program, disk scanner and File Viewer etc.

•   Device Drivers

Device driver is software that permits a computer system to communicate with a device. e.g., device driver software for a modem comes with it on CD. We have to install device driver before using a device.

•   Language Processors

Language processor is software that converts a source program into object program. For example C- compiler converts a program written in C language into object program (machine code).

Application Software

Application software is a program needed to perform various applications on the computer by the user. It helps a computer user to solve specific problems like to prepare letters and other documents, to create pictures and advertisements, to perform large calculations quickly etc.
The application software runs on top of the operating system software.
Examples of application software are as follows:

i. Word Processing

Word processing software is used to produce letters, applications and other documents. Microsoft Word is the most popular application software used for word processing.

ii. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet program is used to create electronic worksheets. These worksheets are used to perform calculations on large amounts of data quickly and automatically. Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program.

iii. Databases

Database software is used to record data of an organization on computer in compact and efficient form. MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle are examples of database software.

iv. Graphics

Graphics software is used to produce advertisements, posters and pictures etc. for example CorelDraw and Photoshop are popular graphics software.

v. Communication

Communications software is used to communicate with different people using Internet, e.g., MSN Messenger, yahoo messenger and Internet Explorer.

This is all about two main types of software used in computers.

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