What is RAM, Explain Different Types of RAM

By | August 3, 2011
Today we are going to discuss Different Types of RAM, that is, Random Access Memory.

RAM    /    What does RAM mean

Ram stands for Random Access Memory. Data in RAM can be accessed directly. That is, we can access data directly from any location of RAM in the same time. This Random Access quality makes RAM a very fast memory. RAM is volatile. Data and programs in RAM are erased when computer is turned off.

What does RAM do

Therefore RAM is a temporary memory. It is used to store those data and programs, which are currently being executed by CPU. Ram is also called Primary Memory or Main Memory.

Where RAM memory chip is installed?

RAM chip is installed into one of the memory slots on motherboard, as shown in the figure:

What is RAM? Explain Different Types of RAM

What does RAM mean

Importance of RAM.

1.  A Program must be laoded in RAM for execution.
The programs and data currently being executed are in computer’s main memory, that is, in RAM. The programs and data needed by these programs is loaded into RAM and run from this memory for FAST ACCESS. Because hard disk is very slow device, every program we run, is loaded into RAM from hard disk first, and then it is executed by processor. CPU is very fast device, it can take instructions and data to execute from RAM much faster than from a hard disk. 

2. RAM is an  Important Factor in increasing Speed of Computer

One of the most important factors affecting the speed and power of a computer is the AMOUNT OF RAM it has. Normally, the more RAM a computer has, the more speed and power of working it has.In fact,  if a computer with a very fast processor has inadequate amount of RAM, it may still run slowly, especially when running multiple programs.

what are the types of  RAM
Discuss Different Types of RAM Random Access Memory/ what are the types of  RAM

Types of Ram

What are the types of  Ram

There are two main types of Ram.

  • Dynamic Ram (DRAM)

Dynamic Ram is widely used in personal computers. It is a cheaper kind of RAM. DRAM stores data in the form of an electric charge. DRAM loses electric charge with the passage of time, so DRAM needs to be refreshed frequently. Otherwise, it may lose data. Dram is recharged many times in a second. Therefore, it is slower than SRAM. Since CPU cannot access the data from DRAM while it is in the process of refreshing or recharging.

  • Static Ram (SRAM)

Static Ram does not need to be refreshed again and again. So processor can access data from static RAM faster than DRAM. There is no time wastage in refreshing the memory again and again. Static RAM is more expensive and faster than DRAM. Static Ram is used to build a very fast memory called CACHE (pronounces ‘cash’ ) memory.

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