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Fundamentals of Data Processing – For Test, Interview and Viva

Q.1 Define Data and Information. Differentiate between Data and Information. DATA Data is the collection of raw facts and figures. It is without any proper meaning.Data may be collection of words, numbers, graphics or sounds. Examples of Data 1) When students get admission in a college. They fill admission form. This form contains raw facts… Read More »

Computer Networks – Test Interview Viva Voce

Q1. Define Network with example. Give importance of computer network.   COMPUTER NETWORKA computer network is a set of two or more computers connected together to share information and other resources. The computers in a network can share: Data, information  and Files Resources (printers, Cd-Rom Drives, DVD- Rom Drives, CD- Writers, hard disk, modems) Programs… Read More »

Computer Internet Test Interview Viva Voce

Q.1 What is internet?             Internet is the network of networks around the world. It is made up of thousands of smaller networksInternet provides following main facilities:  ·  E- mail                    ·   Chat           ·Searching  jobs    ·       Advertising for business            ·E-commerce     ·Searching information Q.2 Define :WWW, ISP, WEB PAGE, WEB SITE, WEB SERVER, WEB BROWSER… Read More »

Computer Hardware Test Interview VIVA

Q1. Define Hardware. What are different types of hardware? The physical parts of a computer are called hardware. Hardware can be touched or seen by us. Different types of hardware components are as follows: Input devices (keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera etc.) The Central Processing unit (CPU/Processor) Output devices (monitor, printer, plotter, speaker, data projector… Read More »

Introduction To Computer VIVA

Q1. Define computer, explain characteristics of a computer. Computer is an electronic machine that takes data and instructions, processes data according to the given instructions, gives results and stores them. Characteristics of Computer :  1. Speed 2. Storage 3. Processing 4. Accuracy 5. Recalling 6. Communication 7. Versatile 7. No Feelings 9. No Intelligence Q2.… Read More »