Introduction To Computer VIVA

By | October 4, 2011

Q1. Define computer, explain characteristics of a computer.

Computer is an electronic machine that takes data and instructions, processes data according to the given instructions, gives results and stores them.
Characteristics of Computer :
 1. Speed 2. Storage 3. Processing 4. Accuracy 5. Recalling
6. Communication 7. Versatile 7. No Feelings 9. No Intelligence

Q2. Explain uses of computer in different fields of life. OR Explain Impacts of Computer Technology on Society.

1. Uses of Computer at Home

2. Uses of Computer in Education

3.  Uses of Computer in Industry
4. Uses of Computer in Business
5. Uses of Computer in Medical Field

Q3. Write down a note on types of computer.

Types of Computer
Computers can be divided into the following types on the basis of their working:
1. Analog Computers
Analog computer is used to measure continuous values. It measures a physical property like voltage, pressure, speed and temperature Analog computer is mainly used in the field of engineering and medicine. Examples              Analog clock ,            Speedometer.,            Thermometer
2. Digital Computers
A digital computer works with digital data. Digital computer uses binary number system. Binary number system consists of only two digits 0 and 1. Today most of the computers used in offices and homes are Digital computers.  Examples:  Personal Computer-(PC),Digital Score board ,Digital watch
3. Hybrid Computers
A hybrid computer is a combination of both analog and digital computer. Examples:
  • Hybrid computer devices may calculate patient’s heart function, temperature and blood pressure etc. This calculation may be converted into numbers and shown in digital form.
  • Hybrid computers are also used in spaceships and missile system.

Q4. Differentiate between Analog and Digital Computers

The difference between analog and digital computers is as follows:
Analog Computers
Digital Computers
Works on continuous values.
Works on discrete values.
Low memory.
Big memory.
Slow speed.
Fast speed.

Q5. Write a note on “Classification of Computers”

Classification of Computers
Computers are classified on the basis of size, speed and price as under:
1. Micro Computers
Micro computer is also called personal computer. It was introduced in 1970. It is used by one person at a time. Examples of personal computers are PC and Apple Macintosh.
2. Mini Computers
Mini computers were introduced in the 1960s. Mini computer is larger and more powerful computer than personal computer. Mini computer can serve up to 4000 connected users simultaneously. Examples of mini computers are:
     VAX-8800          AS 400.
3. Mainframe Computers
Mainframe computers were introduced in 1975. A mainframe computer is a very large computer in size. It is more powerful than mini computer. Examples of mainframe computers are
     NEC 610         DEC 10
 4. Super Computers
Super computers were introduced in 1980s. Super computer is the fastest computer. Super computer is the biggest in size and the most expensive in price than any other computers. Examples of super computers are CRAY-XP, ETA-10, and Deep Blue.

Q9.Explain the basic components/parts of a computer    OR  Explain the basic computer organization

There are the following main basic parts of the computer:
  1. Input Unit   (To enter data and instructions)
  2. Output Unit   (To display processing results)
  3. Central Processing Unit( CPU / Processor)   (to process data and control operations and components of computer)
  4. Memory Unit   (to store data for processing)
  5. Storage Unit   (to store large amounts of data permanently)

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