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Differences between LAN and WAN

The differences between LAN – Local Area Network and WAN – Wide Area Network is as follows: LAN (Local Area Network) 1. LAN – Local Area Network is used to connect computers at one place, in one room or a building. 2. LAN– Local Area Network covers small and limited area. 3. Data transfer speed… Read More »

Explain Different Types Of Computer Networks – LAN, MAN, WAN

Explain different types of computer networks:(LAN,WAN,MAN) Today, we will discuss the main types of computer networks on the basis of the maximum distance covered where they can be accessed and operate. The main types of computer networks are: LAN, WAN, MAN Explain different types of computer networks 1.    LAN – Local-Area Network 2.    WAN –… Read More »

Explain Advantages Of Networks

Define Network with examples. Give importance of Computer Network. COMPUTER NETWORK We can define a Computer Network as a set of two or more connected computers to share information and other resources (data, files, printers, hard disk, modem, CD-Rom Drive, CD-Writer, DVD-Rom Drive, DVD-Writer etc.). The computers in a network can share:Data, Information, FilesSoftwareHardware (printers,… Read More »

Types Of Scanners Input Device

Scanner / Optical Scanner A scanner is an input device for computer. It can scan any printed document with text as well as images. It will : Read any printed paper or picture, Convert text or images into digital form Saves this converted digital file into computer storage for later use Uses Of Optical Scanners… Read More »

Explain Main Difference Between System Software and Application Software

Topic: Explain Main Difference Between System Software and Application Software            Differentiate between system software and application software Before , explaining the main differences between application software and system software, let us know the definitions of Application software and System software with examples. What is System Software: System software is a set… Read More »

Customized and Packaged Software

  Q. Explain Customized software and Packaged software. a) Customized Software Customized software is a type of application software that is designed for a particular customer or organization. When packaged software does not fulfill needs of an organization then a programmer / software developer / software engineer is hired. The programmer will develop needed custom… Read More »

Define Web Server, Web Browser, WWW, ISP

Q. Write notes on the following:WWW, ISP, WEB PAGE, WEB SITE, WEB SERVER, WEB BROWSER WWW WWW stands for World Wide Web. It is also called web. It is the collection of all connected web documents stored on different web servers. These documents contain information in the form of text, pictures, audio and video clips.… Read More »