Define Web Server, Web Browser, WWW, ISP

By | November 6, 2011

Q. Write notes on the following:


WWW stands for World Wide Web. It is also called web. It is the collection of all connected web documents stored on different web servers. These documents contain information in the form of text, pictures, audio and video clips. WWW has many advantages:
· finding a job
· searching information
· advertisement for business
· weather forecast
· entertainment
· education

Difference between Internet and World wide web:

The main difference between internet and World Wide web is that World Wide Web is only a service provided by internet. It provides access to web documents. While internet provides many other services also like FTP, TELNET and chatting etc.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) OR IAP (Internet Access Provider

ISP stands for internet service provider. It is a company that provides internet connections to users. For example WOL net, PAK net, CYBER net etc. are ISPs. To connect to internet, users have to get internet connection from an ISP. These days, internet scratch cards are also available. ISP will provide you a user name, password. It will also provide a telephone number to connect to internet.
There are many ISPs these days in every big city of the country. A good ISP has the following features:
· Low rate
· Fast browsing
· Fast downloading and uploading
· Good customer support


A document created by HTML and found on web is a web page. A web page contains information in the form of text, pictures, audio and video clips. These web pages are stored on special computers called WEB SERVERS.


A collection of related and interlinked web pages is called a web site. A web site may have many pages. Each web page will provide different information. For example, a web site for a College can have a Home page, Faculty page, Courses page, Games page and contact page. Home page is the main page of any web site. We can see all other pages by links provided in home page. Each web site has a unique address. For example web address of Baha-ud-din Zakaria University is


Web documents are stored on special and powerful computers called WEB SERVERS. Web servers are permanently connected to internet. When we type address of a web site in a browser (internet explorer), then web server fulfills this request. They provide requested information in the form of web page.


A browser is software that is used to view web pages on internet. Many web browsers are available. But Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet explorer are the most popular. We type address of any web site in address bar of browser and press ENTER key. Then first page called HOME PAGE of web site is displayed in browser window.

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