Explain Advantages Of Networks

By | November 23, 2011

Define Network with examples. Give importance of Computer Network.


We can define a Computer Network as a set of two or more connected computers to share information and other resources (data, files, printers, hard disk, modem, CD-Rom Drive, CD-Writer, DVD-Rom Drive, DVD-Writer etc.). The computers in a network can share:
Data, Information, Files
Hardware (printers, disk, modems)etc.

Advantages of Computer Networks


  • Computer network can be used in an office. Different people in the office can share common information and printer.
  • Net Cafes use Computer Network for internet sharing. Net Cafe Owners can save money by sharing one DSL Routers / Modem and a single Internet Connection.
  • Computer Network is used in Computer Laboratories of Schools, Colleges and other educational institutes.
  • Internet, is also an example of a computer network. Internet is a network of millions of computers connected through phone lines. People can share information, files and talk with one another through internet.


    Following are some important advantages of computer networks:

    1. Data and Information Sharing

    Different employees of an organization can share common information with the help of computer network.

    2. Software Sharing

    Different software can be shared with the help of computer networks.

    3. Hardware Sharing

    Different hardware can be shared with the help of computer networks. For example, if there are five computer users in an office, we can save cost by using only one printer with the help of computer networking. In a computer network, only one computer will manage all printing needs of the computer users in a small office. In addition, we can share other hard ware devices like hard disks, CD-Rom Drives / Writers, modems, routers and scanners etc.

    4. Money Saving

    We can save a lot of money by using computer networking, because of sharing the same software and hardware in a network.

    5. Internet Sharing

    We can buy only one DSL internet connection and share it with in whole organization with the help of computer networking.

    6. Easy Communication Within Organization

    We can send and receive messages and files through network. In this way, a file can be moved to one place to another within an organization without the need of a physical worker to take and carry the files to a destination. With the help of a command in a computer we can transfer file within seconds from one room to another.

    7. Easy Communication Outside Organization

    We can send and receive emails and share files with other people outside organization using internet.

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