Uses Of Computer In Science

By | November 17, 2011
Today, computers are being used in every field of life. Here we discuss Uses of Computers in Science:

Six Uses of Computers in Science

Data Collection

Uses of Computers in Science
Uses of Computers in Science

Scientists use computers to collect data and make hypotheses on the basis of collected data.

Analysis and Testing Of Data

Scientists use computers to analyze collected data and test their hypotheses.

Exchanging Information

Scientists use computers to exchange information with their colleagues. Different Researches all over the world can share their research with one another. This will be helpful for research because this will increase the rate of completion of research projects.

Simulation of Different Events

Scientists may use computers for simulation of complex events. For example, they can use computer simulation to predict about the affects of earthquake on buildings in a particular area. They may use computer simulation to know the effects of rapid population increase on weather conditions. In fact, computer simulation of such complex events will save time as well as cost. Computer simulation can also provide a feasible solution to many problems.

Use Of Computer in Medical Science

Uses of Computers by scientists in Science
Uses of Computers by scientists in Science


Computers may also be used to simulate the functions of parts of human body. For example, computers may simulate cell division, internal structure of molecules, a virus or bacteria attack etc.

Uses of Computer in Space Science

Computers are playing an important role to explore the outer space. The computers are mostly used to collect space data, perform experiments and prepare results. Computers are used to operate certain machines and robots to collect information from space and send it back on earth.

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