Basic Structure of HTML Document

By | December 21, 2011

Basic Structure of HTML Document 

The basic structure of an HTML document is given below:



The above format shows that an HTML document starts
with <HTML> tag and ends with </HTML> tag. It is also clear
that an HTML document consists of two main sections:

  1.  Head Section

Head section is used to specify a title of the web
page, normally. There are some other uses of Head section too, like linking
external style sheets and Java script code, etc. Head section starts with the <HEAD>
and ends with the </HEAD> tag. <TITLE> tag is used to
display a title of the web page on title bar of the web browser.

basic structure of html web page document

  1. Body Section

Body section contains all the text and tags. It is used to specify the actual
content of the web page. Body section starts with <BODY> tag and
ends with </BODY> tag.

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