Bus Topology Advantages Disadvantages

By | December 4, 2011

Bus Topology

Bus topology is the simplest network topology. In bus topology, all computers in network are connected to a common communication wire. This wire is called BUS. Terminators are used at both ends of wire.
Bus Topology is Cheap, easy to handle and implement. Bus Topology require less cable. Bus Topology is best suited for small networks.

Working of Bus Topology with Advantages and Disadvantages
Working of Bus Topology with Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Bus Network Topology

1. It is very simple topology.
2. It is easy to use.
3. It needs small amount of wire for connecting computers.
4. It is less expensive due to small wire needed.
5. If one computer fails, it does not disturb the other computers in network. Other computers will continue to share information and other resources with other connected computers.

Disadvantages of Bus Network Topology

1. Only small number of computers can be connected in a bus network.
2. Network speed slows down as the number of computer increases in bus topology.
3. Finding a fault is difficult in bus topology.

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