Introduction To HTML

By | December 21, 2011

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Hypertext refers to the text with Links. These links may point to sections of the same web page or any other web page within or outside the website.

HTML Definition

HTML is a language used to create and format web pages. HTML is used to define the structure and format of a web page. HTML will place and format the contents like text, pictures, audio or video data in your web pages. Moreover,you can use Links to connect the related web pages in the form of a website.

 Who Invented HTML?

HTML was developed by Tim Berners Lee in 1989.

TAGS and Elements

HTML uses commands called TAGS to create and format different elements
and contents of a web page. HTML tags are enclosed within angle brackets <>. For example <b> tag is used to format some text as bold text.
Normally, tags work in pairs as shown in the example below.

<b> This is bold text. </b>
The output of the above HTML command or tag will be as show next in blue:
This is bold text.

The <b> tag is called Opening Tag or start tag, whereas </b>
tag is called Closing Tag or end tag. most of the tags use both opening
and closing tags. A few tags like <br> tag (used for line break)
and <hr> tag (used for horizontal rule, that is, a horizontal line)
is used as single tags. They do not need closing tags. Such tags are also called
Empty Tags.
Every HTML Tag is related to some HTML element. For example, <TABLE>
is used to create a table HTML element. Each HTML documents consists of
HTML elements.


An attribute is an additional information to implement a tag. It gives some
extra information to enhance the format of the element related to that tag. For
example, <TABLE> tag is used to create a table in a web page. If we use a
<TABLE> tag without a BORDER attribute, table element will have no
border. If we use BORDER=”1″ in opening <TABLE> tag,
table will be created with a border.  BORDER is the attribute to
specify border width for a table and 1 is the value assigned to BORDER
attribute, as shown below:

<TABLE BORDER=”1″>          



Note: Attribute is used in Opening Tag always like BORDER=”1″.
Note: No attribute in Closing Tag.

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