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How To Change Password of Hotmail Account

Sometimes, you may need to change the password of your Hotmail email account. One reason of changing password may be that your friend has seen the password and he may hack your Hotmail accont. 1. Type and press enter key. 2. Type your username and password and click sign in link. 3. Go to… Read More »

How To Send New Email on Hotmail

1. Type and press enter key.2. Type your username and password and click sign in link. 3. Goto inbox. 4. Click on the New link.5. In ‘TO’ text box, type email addresses separated by commas of your friends to send email.6. Type any subject related to your email purpose, in SUBJECT box. 7. Type… Read More »

How To Get Gmail Account Free

1. Open your web browser, type and press enter key.2. On the home page of gmail Click on Red Button Link of CREATE AN ACCOUNT on top right     corner.  4.After choosing a unique acceptable user name, now type a password. This password should be a combination of alphabets and numbers. You must remeber… Read More »

Differences Between Impact & Non-Impact Printers

10 Differences Between Impact Printers and Non Impact Printers Differences Between Impact and Non-Impact Printers Impact Printers Non-Impact Printers 1 It produces print on paper by striking mechanism. It produces print on paper with a non-striking mechanism 2 It uses pins, hammers or wheel to strike against an inked ribbon to print on a paper..… Read More »

Printer Types: Impact & Non-Impact Printers

Printers A printer is an output device that prints characters, symbols and graphics on paper. The printed output is called hard copy. Printers produce permanent documents. Print resolution is commonly measured in dots per inch (dpi). A printer with higher print resolution, that is, dpi will produce higher quality print outs, but it will cost… Read More »

CRT Monitors and Flat-panel LCD Monitors Differences

Difference between CRT monitors and Flat Panel (LCD) Monitors Differences between CRTMonitors and Flat-panel (LCD) Monitors CRT Monitors Flat-panel (LCD)Monitors 1 CRT monitors are low-priced and more economicalthan flat-panel (LCD) monitors. Flat-panel monitors are more costly than CRTmonitors. 2 Commonly, CRT monitors are used with personalcomputers. In the beginning LCD monitors were used in laptop… Read More »

Different Types of Monitors

Monitor Monitor is the most familiar output device. It is a display screen or visual display unit to show text and graphics to computer user. Common monitors look like a TV. Latest monitors are flat panel monitors like LCD monitors. Although LCD monitors are more costly than general old fashioned monitors called CRT monitors, they… Read More »