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Different Functions Of Operating Systems

Topic: Different Functions Of Operating Systems What is an Operating System? Operating systems are an important type of system software. They provide a lot of facilities to the users.An operating system can be defined as software that acts as an interface between the end user and the hardware. Computer users can use computer systems that have… Read More »

Explain Different Components of Operating System

Topic: Explain Different Components of Operating System Q. What is an Operating System? Explain Components of an Operating system. Operating System An operating system is a set of programs that manages all computer components and operations. An operating system works as an interface between the user and the computer hardware. Examples of Operating Systems Some… Read More »

Difference between Cellspacing and Cellpadding

Cellspacing and Cellpadding are two important attributes of  <Table> tag. As you know <Table> tag is used to create and display tables in HTML documents. What is CELLSPACING? Cellspacing is an important attribute of <Table> tag in HTML. Cellspacing specifies the spacing between adjacent cells in a table. Consider the following example of an HTML… Read More »

Use Of Colspan and Rowspan in Tables HTML

Colspan and Rowspan are two important attributes of TD and TH tags used in HTML tables. Colspan Colspan is an attribute of TD or TH tags used to make data cells and header cells in an HTML table. We can use Colspan to expand / span a cell on many columns. For example, in the… Read More »

Different Types of Text Formatting Tags in HTML

There are many Text formatting tags available in HTML. You can format your text as: Bold Text Italic Text Underline Text Superscript Text Subscript Text Let us discuss these formatting tags one by one with example html source code and the output in web browser. 1. Bold Text <b> tag is used for formatting the… Read More »

Types Of Headings In HTML

HTML Hedings Headings in HTML are used to display Titles, Sub-Titles of Sub-Sub-Titles for your web page text. There are six types of headings in HTML. H1 is the largest heading and H6 is the smallest heading. <H1> is opening tag whereas </H1> is the closing tag for the largest heading. The text between <h1>… Read More »