Classification of e-Commerce Applications

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Electronic Market: is a place where online shoppers and buyers meet. E-market handles business transaction including bank-to-bank money transfer also.  In e-market, the business center is not a physical building.  But it is a network-based location where business activities occur.  In e-market, the participants like buyers, sellers and transaction handler are not only one different locations but even they do not know each other.
Inter Organizational Information System (IOS): An IOS is a unified system with several business partners.  A typical IOS will include a company and its supplier and customers.  Through IOS buyers and sellers arrange routine business transactions.  Information is exchanged over communication network using specific formats.  So, There is no need for telephone calls, papers, documents or correspondence
1)    EDI(Electronic Data Interchange):  It provide secure B2B connection over value added network(Van’s)
2)     Extranet: which provide secure B2B connection over internet.
3)     EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer):  Electronic Fund Transfer from one account to another.
4)     Electronic Forms.  Online (web-pages) forms on internet.
5)     Shared Data Base: information stored in repositories (collection of data) shared by trading partners
6)   Supply Chain Management:  Co-operation   between company and its suppliers and customers regarding demand forecasting, inventory management and order fulfillment.

Basics of eCommerce

  1. Definition and History of ECommerce
  2. Role of E-Commerce in Daily Life
  3. Classification of e-Commerce Applications
  4. Difference Between Electronic Market and IOS
  5. Types Of e-Commerce

Ecommerce Payment Systems/ ePayment

  1. Types of Popular e-Payment Systems
  2. Explain Credit Card Payment System
  3. Advantages Disadvantages of Credit Cards
  4. Difference Between Debit Card and Credit Card
  5. Types of E-payment Security Schemes
  6. Types of e-Payment Security Protocols

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