CRT Monitors and Flat-panel LCD Monitors Differences

By | March 30, 2012
Difference between CRT monitors and Flat Panel (LCD) Monitors
Difference between CRT monitors and Flat Panel (LCD) Monitors

Differences between CRT
Monitors and Flat-panel (LCD) Monitors
CRT Monitors Flat-panel (LCD)Monitors
1 CRT monitors are low-priced and more economical
than flat-panel (LCD) monitors.
Flat-panel monitors are more costly than CRT
2 Commonly, CRT monitors are used with personal
In the beginning LCD monitors were used in lap
top or note book computers, PDAs and smart phones. But now they available
for PCs, too. 
3 CRT monitors use Cathode Ray Tube (picture tube)
Technology to show text and graphics on screen.
Flat-panel monitors use LCD – Liquid Crystal
Display technology or Gas Plasma technology.
4 CRT monitors need more power. LCD monitors uses less energy than CRT monitors.
5 CRT monitors take more space on desk. LCD monitors take less space on desk top.
6 It has more weight than LCD monitors. It is light weight.
7 CRT monitors emit harmful radiations. LCD monitors do not emit harmful radiations.
8 It produces less sharp  output than LCD
LCD monitors produce sharper and clear output.

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