Role of E-Commerce in Daily Life

By | March 5, 2012

Role of e-commerce

The role of e-commerce in daily life is becoming very important. This is the age of computer and internet. People find it easy to shop online and find the ordered goods on their door step. E-commerce can be used in the following ways:

1) Online Education

Online education is becoming very popular. Different types of interactive tutorials are available on internet. The students can download online books and tutorials free or with some price. Some websites provide online lectures for students.

2) Electronic Banking

Many banks are now introducing online banking. You can connect to your bank using your computer via internet. You can perform daily financial dealings from home. Many customers pay their bills using electronic banking.

3) Electronic Shopping

Now, People can shop from home using internet. Different manufacturers present their products on internet. People visit their website and select suitable products to purchase. Credit card is normally used to make a payment online.

4) Job Search

Internet is used to search different types of jobs all over the world. Many websites provides information to people about job vacancies.

5) Conducting Auctions

Many websites provide the facility of auction. People participate in auction to purchase a product. They can also pay the price using cedit card. A popular website is providing the auction facility.

6) Collaboration with partners

Businessmen can collaborate with their partners using internet. They can discuss ideas and exchange views . they can make strategies in collaboration with their business partners all over the world.

7) Marketing and Advertising

E-commerce is playing an important role to market and advertise products all over the world. The use of advertisement on popular websites can be effective way to introduce a product to customers in the world.

8) Providing Customer Services

Business men can interact with their customers using internet. This can be faster and more convenient to access. Customers are using more and more computers today. So they prefer to complain online and find their solutions and quick response from the e-commerce website owners.

Basics of eCommerce

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  2. Role of E-Commerce in Daily Life
  3. Classification of e-Commerce Applications
  4. Difference Between Electronic Market and IOS
  5. Types Of e-Commerce

Ecommerce Payment Systems/ ePayment

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  2. Explain Credit Card Payment System
  3. Advantages Disadvantages of Credit Cards
  4. Difference Between Debit Card and Credit Card
  5. Types of E-payment Security Schemes
  6. Types of e-Payment Security Protocols

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