Damages Caused by Computer Virus

By | April 18, 2013

A computer virus is a program or software that can disturb normal working of a computer system. A computer virus may cause many types of damage to a computer system. A Computer virus can attache to files in memory or disk. When we copy infected files from one computer to another, virus is also copied.
A Computer virsu can harm a computer system in the following ways:

Disadvantages of Computer Virus

    1. Damage of Data, Information and Software

    A Computer virus may damage data, information and software of the computer. Data is the most important part of an organization. For example, a bank totally depends on financial transactions and any loss of even a little data can be dangerous. Moreover, if computer virus corrupts files of a software, you will have to reinstall the software.

    2. Deletion of Stored Files

    A Computer virus may delete important data files stored in a computer.

    3. Format Hard Disks

    A Computer virus can delete all data on hard disk by formatting the hard disk. Formatting a hard disk will erase all the data on a hard disk, including any type of data or software etc. You will consume a lot of time to reinstall all the software and recover data.

    4. Annoying Popup Window Messages

    A Computer virus may display a popup window message every few seconds or minutes. This will interrupt your work, waste your precious time and you will not be able to use your computer efficiently.

    5. Restarting a Computer

    A Computer virus may cause a computer to restart again and again. Such viruses execute a specific set of instructions at the start-up time that cause to restart the computer.

    6. Slow Down System Performance

    A Computer virus may slow down the working of computer. It may replicate itself in memory (RAM). So, there is a time when no more RAM to execute programs. This may halt the smooth operation of the computer.

    7. Fill Disk Space

    A Computer virus may consume a lot of disk space by copying it self in different areas of a hard disk. This will consume disk space making it impossible to copy or store your important data on disk.

    8.    Stealing of Important Personal Information

    A Computer virus may cause to send your personal information to the creator of the virus through internet. When you will connect internet, the virus code will execute and send your personal information to a specific email address.

    9. Fake Virus Alerts

    A Computer virus can display a fake virus alert and may ask to install an Anti Virus from the website of the virus creator.

    10. Making a Computer Unusable

    A Computer virus may make your computer totally unusable. Sometimes, a computer virus can erase all data of your hard disk or Operating system files causing the computer not to boot.

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