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Uses of Left Right Mid Text Functions in Excel

Why To Use Left Function in Microsoft Excel? The Left function is used to get first N characters from the given text string or the text contained in a cell. Syntax of LEFT Function in Excel LEFT(Text, Number_of_characters) For example, the function LEFT(“Normal”,3) will return Nor. Syntax of LEFT function with Cell Reference LEFT(CellReference, Number_of_characters)… Read More »

Learn Practical Use of MAX Function and MIN Function in Excel Worksheets

What is MAX Function? Learn Practical Use of MAX Function and MIN Function in Excel Worksheets The MAX function is used to get the maximum number from different given numbers in Excel Worksheet. Syntax of MAX Function in Excel MAX(number1,number2,number3,…numberN)For example the function MAX(5,100,35) will return 100, since 100 is largest number of all 5,… Read More »

Explain Different Uses of Excel in Business and Commerce

Microsoft Excel is very useful in Business and Commerce. Following is a list of the uses of Microsoft Excel in Business and Commerce: 1. Creating Computerized Worksheets Microsoft Excel is a computer software with electronic worksheets. You can easily input, edit, format your business data in computerized worksheets provided by MS Excel. You can manipulate… Read More »

Explain Different Features of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft Corporation of USA. Microsoft Excel is used to input and format data and to apply suitable mathematical and other formulas on the data. Excel can perform large number of calculations on data easily in a table like format. The main file of Microsoft Excel is called… Read More »