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Creating a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel Tutorial With Pictures

Why Do We Use Excel Pie Charts? Excel Pie Charts are used in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet to display the contribution of each cell value to the total value. Today, we will discuss the procedure of creating a Pie chart in Microsoft Excel. Start Microsoft Excel and perform the following steps as explained with the… Read More »

Explain Procedural and Non Procedural Programming Languages

After reading this topic you will be able to clearly understand the meanings of Procedural and Non Procedural Languages and the differences between procedural and non procedural languages.  Here is a brief note on procedural and Non Procedural Computer Languages: Procedural Languages Explain Differences between Procedural Languages and Non Procedural Languages in Computer Programming In… Read More »

Explain Different Types and Differences of Programming Languages and Differences

Topic: Explain Different Types of Programming Languages and DifferencesWhat is a programming language?Types of programming languages : Low level and high level programming languages with examplesDifferences between low level and high level programming languages What is a Programming Language? A set of words, symbols and codes used to write programs is called programming language. Different programming… Read More »