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How To Create Income Tax Calculation Excel Worksheet

Microsoft Excel may be used to prepare employee pay sheet with Basic pay, medical allowance, conveyance allowance, house rent and income tax entries. Each of the mentioned entries in worksheet will be calculated automatically using functions and custom formulas applied to required cells in worksheet. Income Tax calculation Formulas Calculate pay of employee using income… Read More »

Explain Difference Between Compiler and Interpreter

Difference between Compiler and Interpreter The Compiler and Interpreter are the two main types of Language Translator or Language Processor Explain some important differences between Compiler and Interpreter or Differentiate between Interpreter and Compiler Compiler                                    Interpreter     … Read More »

Calculate Your Age and Day of Birth in Excel

Sometimes, a person needs the exact age calculation from his / her date of birth to a specific date, for example when he / she applies for a job. The employer demands the required age must not be more that 21 years on the given last date for submitting job application. Calculate your age from… Read More »

Create 3D Line Chart in MS EXCEL

Here is a simple Microsoft Office tutorial using Microsoft Excel to create a 3-D Line Chart. You just need some sample data entered into a Microsoft Excel Worksheet and acting upon the steps provided in this Microsoft Excel Tutorial on Developing a 3-D Line Chart. The procedure is simple and explained with the help of… Read More »

Explain Different Security Threats To Computer Systems

What is a Computer Security Threat? A computer security threat may be defined as any action or event that may cause damage to any part of a computer system. Computer System Security Threats  How Does Computer Security Threat Cause Damage? A Computer security threat may cause damage to hardware, software, data , information or processing… Read More »