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By | April 1, 2018
Let us discuss Why Avast is Number One Free Antivirus Software Solution of  2018. By downloading and installing Avast Antivirus you can get the best virus free working environment in your PC as well as Android Smart Phone.

 Why Avast is Number One Free Antivirus Software of 2018 Download
Why Avast is Number One Free Antivirus Software of 2018

Main Features of AVAST Free Antivirus are discussed here while describing the Top 10 reasons to select AVAST free Antivirus as Number One in 2018:

1. AVAST in 2018 is More Efficient

   New Avast software is more efficient and lighter because of less consumption of critical system resources.

2. AVAST is More Powerful

Avast is more powerful for detecting and removing a vast range of security threats trying to attach on your PC.

3. AVAST is with Pleasant Look and Feel

AVAST provides easy to use graphical User Interface which is attractive and eye catching as well as easier to use effectively. A layman or new computer users can easily use Avast antivirus software.

4. Avast is Easy To Install

AVAST antivirus comes with an easy to install complete setup program. The installer is completely configurable. You can skip the installation of unnecessary third-party components.

5. AVAST Provides different scan mode Options

AVAST provides a QUICK SCAN mode to perform a quick scan in areas where malware is known to hide. By seleting complete scan mode, you can get searched and analyzed  your entire computer system. AVAST also provides a boot time scan to check autostart processes and services.

6. Efficient AVAST Quarantine System

Suspected infections may be sent to the quarantine for deciding later to keep or eliminate them.

7. Auto Check for Virus Definition Updates

AVAST provides an excellent virus definition updater system when you are connected with internet.

8. Avast comes with Extra security tools

Avast provides the security tools including browser protection and cleanup for top web browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Avast provides a software updater for other programs installed.

9. Avast’s Transparent Policy for Private Data Collection

Avast software will tell you whenever it wants to gather anonymized usage data which may be useful for further and better development of the antivirus software. You can disable this data collecting function from privacy settings.

10. AVAST is Totally Free Anti-malware Software

And above all, AVAST is a totally free antivirus protection software for your PC and Android Smart Phones. AVAST provides antivirus solution for Personal Computers as well as for Android Smart Phones.

How To Download and Install Avast Free Antivirus

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You can download AVAST Free Antivirus from AVAST website link.

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