USB Data Blocker or USB Sheild for Public Mobile Phone Charging Places

By | December 7, 2019

What is a USB Data Blocker?

USB Data Blocker is actually a USB Shield that is used to charge your mobile phones safely. USB shield protects your mobile phone from accidental syncing and malware.

A USB Shield is a Data Blocker which stops data transfer from your mobile phone’s USB ports for charging.

How Does a USB Data Blocker Look Like?

How Does a USB Shield Work?

A USB Shield kills any and all data transfers by physically removing the connection for the associated wires. Your device won’t be able to transfer a single bit of data to anything it’s connected.

What are the Reasons Behind Designing a USB Data Blocker?

USB Shields or USB Data blockers are becoming more and more important devices for the people who use mobile phone USB charging cables from public places. Attackers install malware or ransomware in such Mobile phone chargers at public places. Therefore when you attach your mobile phone directly in that USB port, it will transfer malware to your phone that may result in data loss. These malware can steal your private data like passwords also.

What is the Price of a USB Data Blocker

It costs only a few dollars from 5 to 7 US Dollars.

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