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By | April 30, 2020
Topic: Use Microsoft Excel Online Free Spreadsheet

How To Create Excel Worksheet Online Free

Don’t worry if you are to prepare a worksheet in Microsoft Excel and you have not purchased Microsoft Office software. You can use free online version of Microsoft Excel Online and create
worksheets as you like. Following are the instructions on how to use Microsoft Excel Online.

Use Microsoft Excel Online Free Spreadsheet
Use Microsoft Excel Online Free Spreadsheet

Here are the easy steps to create  power calculator worksheet using Microsoft Excel Online free.

1. for this purpose you need to have a Microsoft Account.

2. Type  or copy paste the following address in your web

browser’s address bar

Login To Your Microsoft Account. If you are not using any Microsoft account, please create an account now. 

3. Login to your Microsoft account ( like or or read this post to Create a new Microsoft account in easy steps.

Create Excel Workbook Online

Chose your Microsoft account

Select New Blank Workbook

4. Click on the New Blank Workbook option.

5. A blank Workbook will open. The worksheet named ‘sheet1’ is here to use for entring and processing your data.

Develop Power Calculator in Excel Online

6. Let’s create a simple Power calculator worksheet.

7. Enter the sample data and apply some formatting as shown in the figure. Apply Merge and Center Option on the heading.

Enter Sample Data in Excel Worksheet Online

8. similarly, you can apply font color and fill color options as shown in the figure while selecting the text.

Enter Sample Data in Excel Worksheet Online

Insert a Function Power(number, power/exponent) in the required cell of the excel worksheet

9. This worksheet will use the function power(b3,c3) to calculate power of a number. The first number is in cell b3. the first power or exponent is in the cell C3.

Apply formula / Insert Function in Excel Online

10. After inserting the function in the cell D3, press Enter.

11. the result will be shown in the cell.

Copy the Formula Downwards in Excel Sheet

12. Now copy the formula by taking the mouse pointer to bottom right corner of the cell containing the formula. When a + sign appears, click left mouse button and drag down for the cells to copy formula. Note that you must keep the left mouse button pressed as long as you drag down.

How to copy formula in Excel Online

Save Excel worksheet / Workbook Online

13. Now click on nine dot button from top left corner and save the excel workbook. This workbook will bbe saved inOneDrive online storage provided free by Microsoft.

How to save Workbook in Excel Online

Download Excel worksheet / workbook to your computer

14. You can rename the workbook or download your workbook in your own computer. For this purpose use the nine dot button and the options as shown in the figure.

How to Download Workbook from Excel Online

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