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About Us

Mahmood Alam - Founder of www.computergap.com
Mahmood Alam – Founder of www.computergap.com

( www.computergap.com / www.forfreeeducation.blogspot.com )

I am Mahmood Alam, the man behind this idea and blog : www.computergap.com / www.forfreeeducation.blogspot.com. I am an Instructor by profession and a part time blogger. I am not able to give much time to blogging because of my job. This blog is another place to share knowledge. Two of my students actually help keep this blog updated. Thanks nice guys! Keep it up!

www.computergap.com / www.forfreeeducation.blogspot.com
is a free source of perfect computer notes to decrease the computer gap and spread computer science knowledge and information technology skills.
We work to spread computer literacy – free computer science education for all.

Contact Us

( www.computergap.com / www.forfreeeducation.blogspot.com )

You may contact us at softalogy@gmail.com for any queries, suggestions, complaints etc. Thanks for coming here on www.computergap.com / www.forfreeeducation.blogspot.com.