What are uses of computer at Home

Uses of ComputerToday, computer is used in almost every field of life. The use of computer has made different tasks very easy for us. Computer can be used at home in the many different ways. Explain different uses of computers at Home Computer has made a very vital impact on our society. People are using … Read more

What are the basic operations of a computer

There are five basic operations of a computer as follows: 1. Inputting It is the process of entering data and instructions into computer system. Input is performed by input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera and microphone etc. 2. Storing It is the process of saving data and instructions to make them available as … Read more

Write a note on Classification of Computers

Q. Write a note on Classification of Computers   OR Explain Types of computer on the basis of Size, Shape and Resources. OR How digital computers are classified? Classification of ComputersComputers are classified on the basis of size, speed and price as under:•    Microcomputer or Personal Computer•    Mini Computer•    Mainframe Computer•    Super Computer1. Micro Computers Desktop … Read more

What are the basic units or components of a computer

Following are the main basic units or components of the computer: 1. Input Unit 2. Output Unit 3. Central Processing Unit( CPU / Processor) 4. Memory Unit 5. Storage Unit Diagram Showing Main Components or Basic Units of a Computer Different Basic Units or fundamental components of a computer Brief Description of Basic components of … Read more

What are Different Types of Computer

Computers can be divided into the following 3 types on the basis of their working mechanism: 1) Analog Computers 2) Digital Computers 3) Hybrid Computers 1. Analog Computers Analog computer is used to measure continuous values. It measures a physical property like voltage, pressure, speed, time and temperature. An analog computer takes input in analog … Read more

What are Charachteristics of Computer

Following are the important characteristics of a computer: 1. Speed Computers work at a very high speed. They are much faster than humans. A computer can perform billions of calculations in a second. Computer speed is measured in Mega Hertz (MHz). 2. Storage A computer can store large amounts of data permanently. 3. Processing A … Read more