What are Different Types of Computer

Computers can be divided into the following 3 types on the basis of their working mechanism: 1) Analog Computers 2) Digital Computers 3) Hybrid Computers 1. Analog Computers Analog computer is used to measure continuous values. It measures a physical property like voltage, pressure, speed, time and temperature. An analog computer takes input in analog … Read more

What are Charachteristics of Computer

Following are the important characteristics of a computer: 1. Speed Computers work at a very high speed. They are much faster than humans. A computer can perform billions of calculations in a second. Computer speed is measured in Mega Hertz (MHz). 2. Storage A computer can store large amounts of data permanently. 3. Processing A … Read more

What is Computer

Topic: What is Computer Definition of Computer Computer is an electronic machine that takes data and instructions, processes data according to the given instructions, produces results and stores them for later use. What is a computer – Define computer – Computer Definition A computer is an electronic machine that can: Accept input, Process input, Produce output: … Read more